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Blue Caliber History About Us

In 2004 while studying in the field of security and surveillance, the partners of Blue Caliber Surveillance were faced with theft among surrounding businesses. We then took initiative to help protect these companies and their assets. In order to catch the culprits, we installed surveillance security cameras to identify where the loss was coming from. We soon discovered those who were involved in the thefts. The following year in 2005, Blue Caliber Surveillance was established. Our lead techs continued to receive superior training in the field of Loss Prevention while maintaining the beginning of a new company.

Our main goal is helping local citizens stay safe from theft, vandalism, home invasion, or any criminal action. We have worked in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Kansas. Seeing a greater need for surveillance protection in the Midwest, we have centralized our offices to the Heartland in Topeka and Overland Park, Kansas. .

Here at Blue Caliber Surveillance we are dedicated to providing surveillance services throughout the Midwest. In these troubling times where crime is rising, protecting your safety and valued assets is of high importance. We believe that having the upper-hand, before hand; is key to maintaining a fortified defense. We provide services to Homes, Businesses, and places of Worship.

As the economic climate changes, our civil liberties may be taken advantage of, Blue Caliber Surveillance is taking a strong initiative to provide superior services to ensure strong defense and advanced evidence. We are honored to work with local law enforcement and protection services, to efficiently give our clients assurance, safety, and peace of mind when leaving their businesses, homes, and properties. We guarantee a high level of integrity, excellent customer service, and competitive prices with quality service.