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Security products manufacturing has grown in the last decade to record numbers. The main reason for this major increase in productions is due to the drop in pricing and the rise of strategic criminal activity. As we know in our time of innovation, the latest technologies for security system upgrades are moving forward with more and more prompts and commands for security surveillance camera system, access control systems, and intrusion systems.

The demand for quality is important – reason being is; security systems are on high demand to protect homes and businesses from loss. Most consumers consider quality, based on the clarity of the security surveillance camera picture, or the communication time for an alarm system to notify when an event occurs. There are many factors that contribute to a quality security surveillance system, or alarm system; most notable, is how to utilize the system to perform the necessary tasks to reduce loss or damages. The most important priority to a security system is the ability to have evidence in case there is criminal activity committed on a location of a home or business.

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Over the years we as a company have studied the best recommendation for every category of security systems based on measures, lengths, lighting and spacing. This includes the elements of natural – e.g. the ultra violet light from the sun to the night vision of the moon – or inside a building setting. Most notably, surveillance cameras in the past have generally presented imagery with poor quality or hard-to-recognize photos. With continual development in security camera technology, CCD chips have gone from 1/4 to 1/3 allowing for more spacing captivation and better color variation.

When considering a video surveillance system, an alarm intrusion system or an access control system, the best security system is a system that is used to the full potential of its design. Many of us have the VCR mentality – which is to only know how to press play and rewind. Well, with all the new innovation and technology we can no longer – not “read the instructions." The criminal mind advances as do the minds of the everyday working citizen. The irony of loss is mainly due to the lack of vigilance. One of the partners of Blue Caliber Surveillance, his first security training was as a Loss Prevention Investigator where he watched for suspicious behavior. In doing so, he learned the patterns in which criminals used to manipulate and the methods they used to steal unaware.

Know your security system. Study the commands and prompts. Learn how to use the system and you will be a master at your own investigations. We have installed security systems for manufacturing companies to production companies making food. We have seen dramatic changes after installing camera surveillance systems for companies. Businesses have reported an increase in productivity. We have seen a drop in claims against companies. We have even witnessed a reduction in disgruntled employee situations – all due to surveillance camera installation. In business, the most successful businesses are companies that strive for excellence and that can produce a good work environment.