Growth of Security Surveillance Camera Installation for residential consumers

Security surveillance camera systems have grown within the past 20 years substantially.  There are many factors that contribute to this growth in manufacturing and production for new designs and user friendly systems.  Surveillance systems were generally used in military, later graduating to the corporate arena.  The main reason for this singularity was the cost of surveillance systems were viewed as too costly for residential surveillance systems.  Like inflation, costs for unique interests by consumers had a tendency to rise above the comfort zone of the everyday working families.  CCTV systems [Close Circuit Television] was a term used for technicians who would understand such technical term. However, now with an increase in interests for surveillance camera installation consumers begin to show interest in this type of product due to a drop in cost and the rise of crime throughout the United States.

Cost of a Security Camera Installation on a home

The median cost of Homes in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area is $180,000.00; with just about 1% investment in a Kansas City surveillance Camera installation, the cost to you could only be $1,800.00 installed.  This is the economy package which comes with 4 cameras with an audio microphone and connected to at least one monitor in the home.   Now this is a great deal.

Considering our competitors, most security companies in Kansas City would not charge no less than $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 for a 4 camera installation.  Many of our competitors are still using 480 TVL camera resolution.  Here at Blue Caliber Surveillance we use the latest technology and user friendly systems to better equipment our clients to understand how the functionality works.  We use 650 TVL to 1000 TVL for digital H.264 imagery. We also use 2.0 (1080P)megapixel and up to 3.0 megapixel for high level resolution security cameras.

Like all products offered by companies, we understand the difference between a luxury vehicle and an economy vehicle.  Blue Caliber Surveillance offers an economy package with cameras that are still good in reference to quality imagery.  The Economy Package comes with 4, 650 TVL cameras, a 960H DVR which is HD recording, and a microphone for your listening convenience.  By all means this is a great deal and it gets better.  Once an agreement is made for installation, our installers will not change the price of installation based on the difficulty of the installation.  The price remains the same.  A price adjustment is only determined if the homeowner changes the location of the cameras in the middle of the installation process.  So our prices are capped at an agreeable price, and can be installed within a 6-8 hour day.  We will configure your computer and smart phone or smart TV for viewing convenience.

Surveillance Cameras on your Smartphone for Residential

Technology has taking the society to a level not once believed possible.  Who would have  thought 10 years ago that you could get an instant email in a hand held device with documentation, and respond just in time for a corporate meeting.  Now Smartphone’s have apps that can literally communicate with your router in your home.  Now with new home security alarm systems and home surveillance cameras systems, you can connect to your very own server – your router and log-in to your alarm system or surveillance system to disarm and “rewind the tape” right on your Smartphone.

Our systems can send notifications in the form of email to your phone notifying you that someone just entered into your home or someone invaded your home.  And now you don’t have to wonder who set off the alarm.  With a few touches on your Smartphone you can see who is on your property, and see who set off your alarm.  Blue Caliber Surveillance specializes in “self-security system“alerts so that our clients can know the state of their properties.

If you own a company or you’re a member of a partnership or corporation, you and your team can have notifications send to management and have immediate knowledge as to how an alarm was set off.  Then also with a few touches on your Smartphone, one of the board members can log-in to a surveillance system and be the first witness to an inconvenience and download the occurrence right to a computer or a Smartphone.

Access Control systems

 Have you ever went to work and forgot your keys to the office and your commute is 45 minutes from home.  How many times have we turned around and went back home because we would not have been able to conduct work that day.  Well with Blue Caliber Surveillance Access Control installation systems you can open your door with one touch on your Smartphone.   At Blue Caliber Surveillance we take pride in offering the best solutions for security solutions.  We offer an innovative solution to Access Control with Keyscan security solutions.   With this security system solution, you can track who enters in and out of the work place.

How many times have you misplaced your keys and needed to lock your home.  Well now there is keyless entry to our vehicles and touch-lock on our smart phones which would allow you to lock your home or your business.  You can even unlock the door for your children or a trusted neighbor who needs to borrow some sugar or flour.  Or unlock the office for an employee that rushed out of their home and forgot the office key.  Now with one touch on an app to your Smartphone or click on a mouse to your computer you can trigger a signal to your ACU (Access Control Unit) which then will send a command to the door mechanical lock and allow entry.

These systems are mainly used for authorization for entering or exiting specific areas within company limits.  Every company consists of a management team.  An Access Control System installation is the most innovative way to maintain the entry and exiting of company property with time stamps and number stamps from the key fob which is the finger print to every key fob registered to an Access Control System.  A professionally installed Access Control System consists of mechanical locks, and keys for the sole purpose of authorization for entry to specific locations within the companies property.

The greatest convenience of a locking system is the ability to enter in and out of a door that is continual locked.  This allows for the guarantee that the door and locking device is always locked.  The only way for entry is to have the proper key fob reading device, or have the correct zone programmed within a computer or Smartphone to unlock this door.

Alarm Security Systems

At Blue Caliber Surveillance we believe in “self-security systems” which ultimately saves our customers thousands of dollars over the course of time.  How convenient would it be to have a system that cuts out the middle man?  With our self-security systems, if a door contact is tripped, or a motion sensor sets off, your system will contact you first.  You can also designate the system to call others who you find trust worthy to monitor your self-security system.  Within seconds the security alarm system will call you.  Then you can view your surveillance system installation and immediately look on your cameras to see if the alarm was set by an intruder or a false alarm.

If there is an intruder, you are first to see the event unfold – giving you time to even save the activity to your Smartphone or computer - live.  You can then notify your local Police Department and be the first witness to a crime happening within your home or business.  How many times have you receives a false alarm because your children or the house pet set off the alarm.  Now with our Gold security system installation you can have an alarm system and surveillance system all in one.  With less than 2% of the cost of your home, you can secure your most important assets, investments, and finally your family – with the latest technology and eliminate monthly cost that add up over time.